People are alike, I am different (obessivcomplsiv) wrote,
People are alike, I am different

You know, I never expect to be thought of first, at the most I'd expect last, but it's kind of ridiculous. See, I love only getting invited to lame ass shit that ends up sucking the entire night. Then all of the people who supposedly "like" you or at least "think you're cool" don't even invite you out when they go get wrecked in the city and have a fucking great time. And you know what, I get it- I've never liked myself either. But for fuck's sake, don't pretend that you do one night and then completely ignore me the next. I can't wait to get out of here, then maybe I could reinvent myself into a quiet, introverted girl who everybody wants to hang out with because she's such a "mystery."

I don't even want to go out anymore. Might as well remain a hermit who gets invited nowhere even though when I go out I always invite everyone. Fucking stupid. So fucking stupid. I'm so dumb. God.
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