People are alike, I am different (obessivcomplsiv) wrote,
People are alike, I am different

It starts like this: a little inkling in the back of your head. I should drink or do something else. I should do that, but no, it's only 2 in the afternoon, that's a little early and plus I'm alone. But didn't you have some great times alone in your dorm room for that whole year? Did I? I don't remember actually, were they good? You think that they must have been or you wouldn't be wanting the shit. You start to think about what time people would be arriving home, and who may notice you have a problem if you misplace something just so. I'm wrong, I can just do this later around everyone. Yes, sure, but then you won't sing in the shower quite as happily and your show won't be perfectly funny. I want to make some coffee- coffee is good, that's a start, get that brain flooded with caffeine, maybe have 4 or 5 cups to start with. Damn, it's never enough though, you need something else, do we still have that Godiva Liqueur? Even if we did I shouldn't touch it shouldn't think about it, but I am. Sure it's 2 PM, sure. But what else have I got to do, I'm responsible-right?
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