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Can you dig it?!

People are alike, I am different
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I'm Jess
I'm footloose in my velcro shoes
My friends > your friends
Don't judge me, I won't judge you.

hi i'm jess.
you probably know me already.
but just so you know.
i'm a loser.
i'm an alcoholic.
i'm a sexaholic.
i'm a skankwhore.
i love sour punch straws.
i am rock star.
i eat people like you for lunch.
i do not want you to hit me baby one more time.
i did just catch your drift.
i am super shimmer.
i am high on kites.
i'm a super freak, maniac. yeah. ohhh.
i'm in love with you.
& you too.
i love meatloaf lodged in my throat.
i make sweet babies with chocolate bunnies.
i am pregnant in five states.

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♥//You've got me baited
The hook's in my mouth
But I don't want to let you know

You see, I fall so slowly
Like leaves in the air
It's tearing me to bitter end//♥

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